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  • Cook, Courtney (2015-08-19)
    This collection of poetry discusses a female adult reflecting on her survival of an adult reproductive cancer that she suffered as a child, as well as her reflection of her adult female body. She struggles with the ...
  • Mitchell, Martin
    This thesis is a collection of original poems written between 2018 and 2021 in George Mason’s MFA program. The work herein explores the consequences of industrialization, the shifting “idea” of America, the modern attention ...
  • Bucolics 
    Carter, Robert Keene
    This thesis presents twenty-eight poems written during my time as an M.F.A. candidate at George Mason University. The three principle subjects are subjectivity, art, and translation. The order of presentation follows roughly ...
  • Holloway, Shaun
    A bunch of text that says something profound will soon appear in this document.
  • Engrams 
    Pugatch, Anastassia
    This thesis is comprised of narrative poems which focus on the author’s experiences at home and abroad. The sections are ordered anachronistically, each one taking place in one of three countries: the United States, ...
  • Porter, Kirsten (2013-09-13)
    The poems in this autobiographical collection explore the brokenness of family. I asked myself what does it mean to be a part of a family, to live in a family that is broken apart? I began this project with the belief that ...
  • Jensen, Elspeth
    Fit for Home is a collection of poetry exploring the idea of home and house, literally and figuratively, and the house’s relationship to the self, memory, and experience.
  • Baugh, Catee (2013-12-03)
    This thesis is a poetic meditation on three famines in history: the Irish Potato Famine lasting from 1845 to 1852, the Ukrainian famine of 1933, and the Great Chinese Famine lasting from 1958 to 1961. In telling these ...
  • Cook, Amber L (2014-10-07)
    The poems that appear in this thesis project explore the intersections between death, the body, the soul, and the physical landscape. By conflating these subjects upon one another, the speaker often speculates the about ...
  • Jazzland 
    Price, Darby K (2014-10-07)
    This book-length collection of poems focuses on landscape as an illustration of blurred boundaries between the natural world and the urban, particularly where one impinges on the other. The poems examine human violence, ...
  • McMullin, Sheila (2013-08-16)
    Like Water is a dedication to women's and feminine experiences--social identifiers that are not always interchangeable. Much of the poetry in this collection focuses on medical trauma, discrimination, products of "health," ...
  • Bever, Benjamin (2013-07-26)
    Memento Mori is a phrase from Latin, roughly translating as “remember you are mortal”. What follows is a collection of original poetry, concerning the themes of mortality, family, and funerary ritual.
  • Oxbow 
    Devlin, Alyssa
    In these poems, I hope to capture the eddying nature of my relationship with the Adirondacks, where I grew up. It is a place whose wild lands are as unfamiliar to me as they are intimately known, and to whose woods I ...
  • Cappelli, Ian
    This thesis is a collection of prose poems which intend to take part in the discourse of prose / poetry, lineation (and the lack thereof), fragment, and the relationship of a signifier to its signified. Themes in the thesis, ...
  • To Heaven 
    Brezner, Benjamin
    To Heaven is an exploration of lineage, race, language, identity, America and love. Often lyric, the poems use imaginative language to find new meanings and new ways to think about being variously, historically, and ...
  • Tomb Song 
    Merifield, James (2015-08-19)
    This thesis is a meditation on loss. The first section looks at various forms of loss, while the second, third, and fourth sections focus on an individual’s coping with and processing this new reality. The poems involve ...

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