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Law And Labor Markets: Three Essays On Individual Decision Making

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dc.contributor.advisor Stratmann, Thomas Deyo, Darwyyn
dc.creator Deyo, Darwyyn 2018-10-21T19:17:17Z 2018-10-21T19:17:17Z 2017
dc.description.abstract How do individuals change their labor choices in response to new labor laws? The introduction of new laws and regulations may lead individuals to decrease their labor supply, or to change the quality and type of labor they supply. Rational and utility-maximizing choices may also lead to unexpected outcomes for lawmakers and individual suppliers. These empirical essays use identification for causal inference and models of individual decision making to analyze how labor market laws influence individuals’ labor choices.
dc.format.extent 112 pages
dc.language.iso en
dc.rights Copyright 2017 Darwyyn Deyo
dc.subject Economics en_US
dc.subject economics of crime en_US
dc.subject labor markets en_US
dc.subject law and economics en_US
dc.subject minimum wage en_US
dc.subject occupational licensing en_US
dc.subject Supreme Court en_US
dc.title Law And Labor Markets: Three Essays On Individual Decision Making
dc.type Dissertation Ph.D. Economics George Mason University

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