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  • Pachowicz, Peter W.; Bala, Jerzy W.; Michalski, Ryszard S. (1994-11)
  • Michalski, Ryszard S.; Wojtusiak, Janusz; Kaufman, Kenneth (2007-11-18)
    This report reviews recent research on Learnable Evolution Model (LEM), and presents selected results from its application to the optimization of complex functions and engineering designs. Among the most significant new ...
  • Finley, J.N.G. (University of Virginia Extension Division, 1952-07-01)
    Report by J.N.G. Finley on the progess of the Northern Virginia University Center for the year 1951-1952. George Mason University Archives, C. Harrison Mann Collection, Box 53, Folder 1.
  • Bateman, Kirklin Joseph (2014-08)
    This dissertation examines a Vietnam Era defense manpower program where the Department of Defense lowered the minimum score on the Armed Forces Qualification Test from 31 percent to 10 percent. The Defense Department called ...
  • The Echo Project (2007-02-19)
    An important and timely undertaking, this medical history project aims to preserve and present the people, ideas and devices instrumental in the innovation and realization of artificial organs. Project Bionics' mission is: ...
  • Reston Black Focus (George Mason University. Libraries. Special Collections & ArchivesGeorge Mason University. Libraries. Special Collections & Archives, )
  • George Mason University. Office of Public Relations Services. (George Mason UniversityGeorge Mason University. Libraries. Special Collections & Archives, 2013-10-28)
  • Leon, Sharon (#alt-academy, MediaCommons, 2011-05-06)
    For individuals with alternative academic careers, obtaining the skill set necessary to keep collaborative projects afloat and headed in the right direction is essential. Alternative academic careers are often made or ...
  • Jonas, Chris (Graduate School of Public Policy, 2007-10)
    Globalization and threats posed by weak, failing, and failed states have propelled the United States into a new age of national security. Chris Jonas details a Washington, DC-based initiative, The Project on National ...
  • Bodge, Bridget (2016)
    Project Plank Road gets its title from the name of the road that runs through Chancellorsville Battlefield, Plank Rd. Although the Battle of Chancellorsville is the bloodiest battlefield in the state of Virginia, and one ...
  • Anonymous (2006-04-17)
    Project Proposal, Education in Media, Anonymous, circa 1965. This appears to be a proposal for the educational plans for the proposed new town called Media. No geographic information is given as to its proposed location ...
  • Wilcox, Dawn Renee (2008-06-13)
    This dissertation examined elementary teachers’ beliefs and perceptions of effective science instruction and documents how these teachers interpret and implement a model for Inquiry-Based (I-B) science in their classrooms. ...
  • Unknown author (1995-01-27)
  • Conkle, E. P. (Ellsworth Prouty) (2002-12-30)
  • Conkle, E. P. (Ellsworth Prouty) (2002-12-30)
  • Conkle, E. P. (Ellsworth Prouty) (2002-12-30)
  • Conkle, E. P. (Ellsworth Prouty) (2002-12-30)
  • Conkle, E. P. (Ellsworth Prouty) (2002-12-30)
  • Conkle, E. P. (Ellsworth Prouty) (2002-12-30)
  • Conkle, E. P. (Ellsworth Prouty) (2002-12-30)

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