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  • George Mason University. Office of Public Relations Services. (George Mason UniversityGeorge Mason University. Libraries. Special Collections & Archives, 2013-11-06)
  • Unknown author (2004-12-09)
  • Unknown author (2004-12-09)
  • Unknown author (2004-12-09)
  • Unknown author (2004-12-09)
  • Scott, Arthur E., 1917-1976 (George Mason University. Libraries. Special Collections & Archives, 2011-12-02)
    "Inspired apparently by the identical motives, practically all of the 100,000 odd automobile owners decided to try out the new Arlington Memorial Bridge and Mt. Vernon Boulevard, which were opened offically yesterday by ...
  • Hohmeier, Kristin; Butler, Krista; Parks, Laura; Khuanghlawn, Deborah; Clarke, Brianna; Fulcher, Mandie; Watson, Helen; Nicholas, Meg; Loxton, Tammy; Rowley, Amanda; Paone, Thomas; Wood, Justin; Hubbell, Wren (Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, 2008)
    The Washington View Heritage Area is a proposed heritage area situated along the Prince George's County Potomac waterfront and surround area. The project goal was to reveal the historic, natural, cultural, and architectural ...
  • Department of Special Collections, Gelman Library, George Washington University; Center for History and New Media (Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, 2006)
    This site presents the history of the Washington area using digitized primary documents and data, for the use of students, professional historians, and the general public. Its goal is to make accessible to a broad audience ...
  • Matthews, Adelaide, b. 1886; Stanley, Martha, b. 1879 (2003-01-03)
  • Griffith, Dana M. (2010-06-15)
    Plastics have become a staple of the urbanized human environment. Production and distribution of plastic resins became widespread during World War II. Nations at that time were not aware of the consequences of the use ...
  • J.M. Lyle (1996-12-16)
  • Watson, Warner (1997-04-02)
  • Miesse, Tyler
    Coastal communities are highly exposed to waves and storm surge during extreme events. One option for protecting coastal communities that has gained popularity during the last decade is the use of natural and nature-based ...
  • Ceperley, Peter (, 2019-07-09)
    This paper explores one interpretation of quantum mechanics: that perhaps the waves of quantum mechanics are real and the particles, i.e. the quanta, are merely properties of atoms, the atoms which are responsible for ...
  • Ceperley, Peter (2013-06-02)
    This flash animation shows an acoustical resonator excited with waves in a waveguide. A circulator has be introduced to separate the incident and negative going waves.
  • Ceperley, Peter (2011-05-08)
    This is one is a series of animations illustrating animation of waves for physics using swishMax and Adobe Flash. This particular animation shows the method by moving a long image repeatedly past the viewing screen.
  • Ceperley, Peter (2013-06-02)
    This animation shows the two parameters of a traveling wave as it hits a reflective barrier. The wave media creates no attenuation of the waves which allows a perfect standing wave to form. The power and energy of the ...
  • Addonizio, Kim (2006-01-26)
  • Smith, Anne (2015-08-19)
    This thesis describes the practices, thought processes and influences behind the work in my MFA thesis exhibit Ways of Going, Having Gone, exhibited in November 2014 at George Mason University’s Fine Art Gallery, as well ...

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